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Lomo Booster

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The Dickinson Lomo uses a PNP transistor in an upside down circuit which gives the pedal a low input impeadence and a medium output impeadence, hence Lo - Mo, LOw in - Medium Out. Some people might tell you that technically this shouldn't work but it's one of those occasions when what shouldn't work just sounds great. The medium impeadence output works great straight into valve amps. The low impeadence input pulls down the guitar signal ever so slightly and tubbies up your tone when the boost is on, smoothing out the highs. If you used the booster at the end of your effects chain with a low impeadence going into it it gives you a full bandwidth boost. The latest version is in an anodised aluminium box with a custom milled knob and the best components we could find. Available with either the original silicon transistor or germanium.